Two cooperative powers, the Cooperative Bank of Cyprus and the Cooperative Insurance Company, cooperate for your benefit and offer you insurance plans tailored to you.

Pension - Target

Do you need an innovative savings and investment plan? At Cooperative Bank of Epirus, we are very well aware of your savings needs in order to secure your future.

We now ensure the savings-investment of your money in the most comprehensive manner, with the guarantee of the Cooperative Insurance Company and the large European insurance organizations - shareholders thereof (UNIPOL, MACIF, P&V, EURESA).


Do you now any organization that can guarantee the full amount of your pension? Is there anyone who promises with certainty that they will pay the amounts that have been withheld from your salary all these years?

At the Cooperative Bank of Epirus, we dare to make the difference! This is so, because all these years we have been looking into the problem, focusing on the uncertainty you feel in respect of this, so sensitive matter. All our thoughts, plans and programs are human-centered, since we understand in advance your need to free yourselves from all concerns and stress. Find more about this matter from us and secure a guaranteed pension for you.


You can rely on us, the Cooperative Bank of Epirus. Rely, already today, on the Cooperative Concept and shape, with actual security and flexibility, the high standard of living you have always dreamed of enjoying later in life. Now, by paying a lump-sum amount, you have the option to purchase the amount of the lifetime monthly pension you wish or its equivalent in a lump-sum, choosing the starting age of your retirement.

Already today, you can shape and secure the quality of your life. If you think that your future needs exceed your current savings, it would be advisable not to limit your planning!