Payroll Accounts

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Transfer your payroll or your pension to Epirus Bank easily, safely and fast and benefit immediately from a set of benefits and privileges that will perfectly meet your every need.

Contact any branch of the Cooperative Bank of Epirus and our specialized staff will assist you without delay.

The procedure includes the following:

  • Opening of a special type of account.
  • Issue of a letter describing the necessary details of your new account.
  • Submission of the letter to the competent department of your agency.

Why should I open a payroll account with the Cooperative Bank of Epirus?

  • Interest compounding every six months.
  • Provision of a deposit book.
  • Overdraft, up to the amount of one monthly salary, at a very low interest rate.
  • E-banking through:
    • the ATM network of the Bank;
    • the network of branches of the Cooperative Banks of Greece, without any charge;
    • the DIAS network, with fees depending on the pricelist of every bank;
    • the Epirus e-Banking.

Additional services

  • Opening of an “Epirus” Super-Savings account.
  • Credit card free of charge for 1 year and favorable balance transfer terms.
  • Personal and Consumer Loan with 2% discount from the applicable interest rate and easy installments payment directly from the salary payment.
  • Housing and Repair Loans with 50% discount on Bank fees and favorable grant terms.
  • Payment of monthly loan installments, power/telephone/water bills, credit cards or other bills.
  • Free checkbook subject to the Bank’s criteria applicable at each time.
  • Special insurance plans (Motor, Life, etc.).

Privileges for the company:

  • Automatic payroll payment, credited to the staff’s personal accounts.
  • Completion of all procedures at your premises, by specialized Bank personnel.

Click Here for the applicable deposits interest rates.