Development Law 4887/2022

The new Development Law 4887/2022 (Government Gazette A/16/04.02.2022) is the main development and investment tool in Greece, aiming to achieve well-rounded and systematic intervention in every field and sector of the economy, with visible benefits for the financial landscape, regional convergence and social cohesion.

The Development Law specifies incentives for supporting and developing healthy businesses, which will benefit from its provisions, in order to implement mature investment plans throughout Greece within a period of 3 years.

It aims at stimulating economic growth in Greece by providing development incentives for specific activities and sectors:

  • Promoting the digital and technological transformation in businesses
  • Promoting green transition.
  • Creating economies of scale.
  • Supporting innovative investments and the introduction of new technologies related to Industry 4.0, robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Supporting the employment of qualified personnel.
  • Promoting new entrepreneurship.
  • Supporting the country’s less favoured regions and the regions included in the Just Transition Development Plan (SDAM).
  • Boosting tourism and improving competitiveness in high added value sectors.

To achieve these goals, provisions are introduced to accelerate the evaluation, approval, review and verification process for the investment plans that are supported through these schemes.


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