Two cooperative forces, Cooperative Bank of Epirus and Cooperative Insurance, work together and offer you tailor made insurance programs to cover your needs.


Did you get a home or a business loan?

Cooperative Bank of Epirus insures every owner (individual or legal entity) whose property was mortgaged. The insurance concerns the risk of its destruction by fire, covering the amount of the loan and designating the respective bank in case of loss. Moreover, with every new home insurance program, we offer FREE loan installment coverage for all packages.

However, in case of you can not continue to live in your home due to damage, we cover the installments of your loan for a whole year.

In parallel, you should choose further coverages. Just visit one of the branches of Cooperative Bank of Epirus to be informed in detail about all the insurance programs.


If you are a creditor, Cooperative Bank of Epirus has designed a specialized product, to cover against risks that may have prevented you from repaying your loan.

We are waiting for visiting you in one of our branches, so as to inform and advise you on the choice of our insurance products

  • Temporary Life Insurance (Basic Coverage)
  • Permanent Total Disability (Supplementary Coverage)