e-PAS (Electronic Payment Access Sepa) Service

In recognition of the need to increase the speed at which electronic payments are made as well as in the context of its contribution to the promotion of secure and effective payments in the European Union, the Cooperative Bank of Epirus provides the e-PAS (Electronic Payment Access Sepa) service to payment institutions and electronic money institutions that have passporting from the BoE.

Providing access to the services:

  • DIAS Credit Transfer (TIPS)
  • DIAS Direct Debit

 The following are the primary advantages of instant access to funds and the potential for 24/7/365 portability for providers of payment services:

  • Utilizing business opportunities by offering value-added services
  • Enhancing the role in the payments market
  • Strengthening the ties and establishing new ones with consumers, businesses and traders

 With the assistance of its knowledgeable staff, the Cooperative Bank of Epirus assists its partners in easily and quickly signing up for the service.

You can reach us by email at epas@epirusbank.gr for more details.