Savings at Home 2021

Are you a house owner and wish to carry out construction interventions to reduce energy consumption?

If you have been selected for the Exoikonomo 2021 Energy Saving Programme, choose Epirusbank for financing and other banking needs. This way, you secure a streamlined application process for faster pre-approval and disbursement of the loan.

The program is implemented in the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0 with funding from the European Union - NextGenerationEU.

Find out more today about the features of the new program here.

In the context of the long-term and practical support of initiatives to improve the environment, we participate in the "Exoikonomo 2021" program.

Here you will find all the support and guidance you need to upgrade your home energy efficiency.

For any questions about your loan tied to the Exoikonomo 2021 Energy Saving Programme (or a previous programme), call 26510 59055, Monday to Friday (working days), 09:00-16:00

Alternatively, come to one of our branches.

Guidance at every step from the inclusion of residence in the program to the necessary supporting documents for the evaluation of  application.

Εξοικονομώ 2021