Two cooperative powers, the Cooperative Bank of Cyprus and the Cooperative Insurance Company, cooperate for your benefit and offer you insurance plans tailored to you.


Do you want to enjoy the sea? Do you love adventure? Nice. You have every right to enjoy it. But before it, you have the responsibility to provide for the future. For you, for your family and, clearly, for your boat.

At the Cooperative Bank of Epirus, we ensure, for all boat owners, of every class and horsepower (sailboats, motorboats, speed crafts, etc.), a series of covers at the most competitive prices in the market.

You only need to ask our specialized associate at any branch that serves you.


Our home is our life. It houses our family members, our happy moments, our dreams. There is no reason to worry about the risks that may threaten your house. At Epirus Bank, we are well aware of your fears and we have designed three modern home insurance plans for the entire Epirus, providing, thus, our clients with the opportunity to ensure today the labors of their entire life, preparing for all unforeseen events! The three home insurance solutions are the following:

BASIC, ENHANCED, COMPREHENSIVE, brief information for which is shown in the table below.


Insure responsibly your transportation means which safely travels you and your family to your destination.

We undertake your car insurance with consistency, reliability and professionalism, through a large number of insurance covers to choose from, providing full and comprehensive protection for your movable asset.