Member Registration


Our local Bank!

The Cooperative Bank of Epirus belongs equally to each of its above-mentioned 17,000 active members throughout its successful 40-years course in the wider Region of Epirus.

The registration of new members – partners confirms to us that we are our local Bank and that we all work together for a common goal: our local development.

In the Cooperative Bank of Epirus each member – partner can own their own share, while their personal and business needs can be met in the most personalized manner, thanks to our flexibility and the adaptation of our Banking products and services.

Member Registration

What is a cooperative share, though?

A cooperative share forms part of the Bank’s equity. Cooperative shares are the property of the partners. It should be noted that their assignment to third parties is prohibited, unless the members of the BoD have consented thereto. The cooperative share is indivisible and equal for all partners.

How can I become a member?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and not under guardianship may become a member. By means of a decision of the Board of Directors, legal entities under public law, legal entities under private law and non-profit legal entities (unions, associations, etc.) may become members of the Cooperative Bank. Always in accordance with the terms and conditions of the law, the current provisions of the Bank of Greece and the decisions of the BoD.

Can I become a member if I participate in another cooperative that has its registered office in the same place and engages in the same objectives?

No, it is not possible.

How can I register as a member?

The Cooperative Bank of Epirus cooperates both with its partners – members and with non-members.

  • In order to register as a member, interested parties must submit a written application to the Board of Directors, whereby they declare that they accept the Articles of Association, the decisions of the General Meeting and the Board of Directors.
  • Candidate partners, who have been accepted by the BoD, are obliged to pay the amount corresponding to the share to be mandatorily held, and the goodwill that is determined at each time within one month from the notification of the decision of the BoD on the acceptance of their application.
  • The capacity of a member is acquired as from the decision on the acceptance of the application by the BoD, in respect of all their relations with the bank, with the exception of the participation in General Meetings.
  • The registration of new members is approved by the immediately following General Meeting.
  • The participation of new members in decision-making procedures is permitted after the registration has been approved by the General Meeting.

Under what conditions can I participate?

The Cooperative Bank of Epirus cooperates exclusively with its partners - members.

The registration in the registers of the Bank, upon purchase of at least one cooperative share, is a key condition of this exclusive relationship. Only in this way is it possible to become a member of the Bank and, through this cooperation, to enjoy direct services in transactions, with the best terms in the Market, in a very friendly environment.

Why is my participation necessary?

  • For 40 years we have been Supporting the local community.
  • We support the local small and medium-sized enterprises that are the backbone of the local economy, in order to play a leading role in Greece and abroad.
  • We support the needs of our customers in a direct and flexible manner.
  • With immediate financing approval, we offer personalized solutions and consulting services.
  • We improve our services and we are competitive in order to support the needs of our customers.
  • We support the tradition with a view to the future.
  • We care, because we are the local Bank and we want to be your first choice.
  • Participation in the Cooperative Capital is an important investment for the future and prosperity of our home. You can find more information about the participation options in the INVESTOR INFORMATION and follow the annually published data.
  • The annual goodwill of the bank increases the value of your capital every year.
  • The Cooperative Bank rewards the partners with special privileges. The partners participate in the election of the members of the BoD in an open election process. Each cooperative share provides one vote. The capacity of a partner is acquired against a small fee. For more information, read the Articles of Association of our Bank and the annual reports. We are at your disposal for any clarification.
  • The Bank is locally managed, in a fully transparent manner, by the partners you elect.
  • We are by your side in order to offer you consulting services for every need. It is in our common interest our savings to remain, be utilized and reinvested locally.
  • Our region needs and deserves a joint effort that will promote and strengthen its economic and social development.
  • At the Cooperative Bank of Epirus, we firmly believe that the most important asset is our members who join forces with us, having a common goal: The development of our home.

Download the application for the purchase of shares by existing members here and the application for the purchase of shares by existing members here.

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