Current Accounts

Current Account for Private Customers Individuals

The Current Account of the Epirus Bank increases your flexibility because it facilitates you to meet your daily and extraordinary banking needs, with an overdraft option.

Why should I open a current account with the Cooperative Bank of Epirus?

  • The Account bears interest when the monthly average balance exceeds €3,000.
  • No minimum amount is required to open an account.
  • Zero management fees.
  • Immediate issue of a checkbook.
  • Deposits accumulate interest from the first euro of deposit.
  • Interest is paid every six months.
  • Overdraft option.
  • Unlimited number of transactions free of charge.
  • Free issue of a Visa Electron debit card for unlimited transactions (e.g. withdrawals, deposits) through ATMs and purchases in Greece and abroad by directly debiting your account.
  • E-banking through:
    • the ATM network of the Bank;
    • the network of branches of the Cooperative Banks of Greece, without any charge;
    • the DIAS network, with fees depending on the pricelist of every bank;
    • the Epirus e-Banking.

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