Safety Boxes Individuals

You can store personal articles of high monetary or sentimental value in the 180 safety boxes located in the Averof St. Central Branch (12, Averof St., Ioannina).

You or your authorized representatives can access the safety boxes subject to strict security rules and absolute discretion.

Safety boxes can be used only on the following days and hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 07:30 - 14:00
  • Friday: 07:30 - 13:30

Supporting Documentation required for renting a security box:

Information required under Law 3691/2008 and decision of the Banking and Credit Committee (BCC) 281/5/17.3.2009 of the Bank of Greece, as in force Documents that may certify this information (as appropriate)
  • Full name and father’s name
  • Identification card or passport number
  • Issuing authority
  • Date and Place of birth
  • Police Identity Card
  • Valid passport
  • Identity card for persons serving with Security Corps and Armed Forces
  • Customer’s income
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)
  • Income tax clearance note (for natural persons)
  • Income tax declaration, including the submission confirmation and the tax payment note (for legal entities and freelancers)
  • Certificate on exemption from the obligation to file a tax declaration (if neither of the aforementioned documents is available)
  • Current home address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Recently issued bill from a Public Utility Organisation
  • Home or business premises lease agreement submitted to a Tax Office
  • Profession and current business address
  • Valid alien’s residence permit
  • Employer’s certificate
  • Copy of most recent pay slip
  • Business operations commencement declaration
  • Professional identity card
  • Supporting document issued by a Social Insurance Entity
  • Customer’s signature specimen