Standing Orders

Standing Orders Individuals

Take advantage of standing orders in order to plan and pay your bills and your regular debts in a timely and automated manner, saving time and avoiding delays.

Set up the payments you want to make with a standing order and they will be carried out on the date you have set. 

At the same time, your account or credit card will be automatically debited with the payment amount and any commission on the payment date.

You can set up your standing orders electronically, through the Epirus e-banking, or at a branch, providing the bill you want to pay.

Standing order for your payments

You can pay bills in all basic payment categories with a standing order, such as:

  • Epirus Bank credit card.
  • Power/Telephony/Water bills.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Government.
  • Bills to companies providing services.

Money transfers standing order

Money transfers executed regularly can be performed with a standing order:

  • To Epirus Bank accounts.
  • To other Banks in Greece.
  • To other Banks abroad.

Automatic Bill Payment Standing Orders as well as Direct Payments are carried out at minimum or zero cost.

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