Fixed Term Accounts

“EPIRUS plus” Fixed Term Account Individuals

The Cooperative Bank of Epirus offers flexible, preferential, fixed term deposits to all its members.

It concerns:

  • All existing Bank members (Natural persons, Legal Entities under Private Law of any kind, Public and Private enterprises).
  • New members, provided that upon commencement of the product they purchase a number of cooperative shares.
  • New or existing Funds.

Why should I open a fixed term account with the Cooperative Bank of Epirus?

  • Automatic transfer of principal and interest to the linked account upon maturity.
  • Service at any Bank Branch.
  • Option of early withdrawal, in whole or in part, upon 2 days notice to the Bank.
  • Zero management fees.
  • No early withdrawal fee.
  • Deposits interest tax pursuant to applicable legislation (currently 15%).
  • Annualized gross throughout the Deposit (365/365d) (for amounts between €20,000 and €100,000).
  • Annualized gross throughout the Deposit (365/365d) (for amounts exceeding €120,000).

Click Here for the applicable deposits interest rates.