You can choose to send remittances easily and securely in one of the following manners:

1) Remittance through an Epirus Bank branch

Visit one of the Epirus Bank branches in order to send remittances to bank accounts abroad and in Greece with security, direction from our specialized personnel and at a competitive price, depending on the amount remitted and the country.

2) Remittance through the Epirus e-banking

Through the Epirus e-Banking you can transfer money to another account in the Bank, in other banks in Greece and abroad, taking advantage of the low prices and the high security of transactions.

Important note:

  • The Bank may request supporting documentation for sending the remittance, in order to pay your obligations with security.
  • The service is offered subject to the applicable capital controls.

For more information, click here in order to see the current Basic Operations and Services Pricelist.