Construction Business

Epirus Bank reliably insures small or large construction projects anywhere in Greece.

We can do this due to our solvency and the dynamics that distinguish us.

In the construction sector, we insure all actors in the construction “chain”: From the contractor and the construction and technical companies to any kind of private and public entities that undertake technical and building projects.

More specifically, we insure natural persons who undertake projects, as well as buildings of any use, such as: factories, power plants, roads, bridges, dams, water/sewerage systems, etc.

We conduct a thorough investigation, taking very seriously into account the specifics of each project, adjusting the insurance accordingly. And this is our competitive advantage.

Our all risk project contractor insurance offers a reliable and versatile “package”: With 360° insurance coverage and protection for the insured through the combination of various separate insurance covers, such as: Fire, earthquake, theft, natural disasters and many more.

At the same time, we cover damage both to the project and to third parties, due to actions or omissions of the project operators, as well as bodily injury in case of injury to employees.